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Plushie Pet Backpacks

Plushie Pet Backpacks

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Real littles backpacks look like plushies this season!

Filled with real mini collectible surprises! Unzip the plushie pet backpack to reveal 4 cute surprises!

These tiny toy school supplies have been made mini, but they all really work! Find a tiny notebook, little pencil, stickers and more! 6 plushie pet backpacks to collect: bunny, cat, hamster, llama, panda, unipup.

Kids can clip and hang them onto their bag or jeans! Collect them all! Real littles are "Things you love made micro"!

• Real littles plushie pets backpacks - cute, tiny backpacks that really work!

• Real littles plushie pet backpacks are filled with real mini collectible surprises!

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