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Jack and Jill Kids

All Natural Bubble Bath

All Natural Bubble Bath

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Jack N’ Jill Kids Blissful Bubbles is a baby safe bubble bath that comes with a super cute Bunny Bubble Wand – just the thing for creating magical wash time fun in your perfectly bubbly bath!
Dermatologically tested Suitable for sensitive skin Free from soap, PG (propylene glycol), lanolin & synthetic fragrances Recycled bottle Vegan & PETA Approved

Made in Australia

The best way to get babies and kids into a good routine with bathing is to make it fun! They definitely don’t care about the nappy smells and the sticky hair from lunch….and they really have no reason to want a bath unless it offers some enjoyable activity. This natural bubble bath foams beautifully to create a bath full of chemical free bubbles, while the ‘magic wand’ on the base of the lid entertains even the toughest customers!

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